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About Us

Old School Quality Cleaning Services

We are the best because we enjoy cleaning!!!


I am a Pittsburgh neighbor who used to work 8-hour shifts and many times more, and I would arrive home with no energy left to get the cleaning done. It seemed like there was always something more that needed to be done. I know that many of you share similar experiences.


I have always loved to clean and organize my home, so I thought – “Why not share it?” It's such a lovely and refreshing feeling to come home and know that everything is clean, organized and smelling great. "We work hard! We deserve to spend our time on us and our family, not cleaning”!

So I have created Wink Maid Services, a personalized service - where communication is our main tool. You tell us what you expect in terms of cleaning, organizing, and de-cluttering, and we’ll get the job done – and done right! We’ll handle that one-time special project or that long term commitment. There is always a “mess” to handle after residential or office “move in- move out”, renovations and construction – or, just plain old regular cleaning!


All of our employees are trained and highly qualified to provide you with cleaning and organizing that meets your needs. We work with top brands of cleaning supplies that are environmentally friendly to you, your children, your pets, or your employees.


Wink Maid Services understands that each home is completely different and has special needs – We can meet those needs! We provide free estimates, and our only commitment - to ensure we take care of your home the best way possible and the way you like it.



“Wow, WINK: Great work today; my place has never looked better!

                        Emily, Lawrenceville

“We just had our apartment clean, we are moving out and we were worried about getting our deposit money back, Wink saved us a lot of time for a very good price.”

                                        Joice, Shadyside

Specializing in Luxury Apartment services in Shadyside, East Liberty, Lawrenceville, Downtown Pittsburgh, North Side and Oakland.


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Wink team helped me tremendously. As I was moving, she was able to organize my belongings from house to house. I didn't have to worry about a thing as they intuitively placed items, from paintings to everyday items, in their new proper place. She understood me and executed that understanding with expertise. I am grateful for the work that they were able to do. I was able to prepare for an extended trip, knowing that, upon my return, my home would be in order. Many thanks and kudos.

Derrick, North Hills

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